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Bee Fly


Bee Fly adults have long proboscis and feed on nectar and pollen. On a sunny day, they are often seen on feed on flowers, hovering over vegetation or rest on bare ground. They are the the import pollinators, some are even the primary pollinators of some species of flower plants.

Bee Flies are hairy, most of them mimic wasps or bees. However, they have stout and woolly body and do not have narrowed waist. Their wings are easily recognized with distinctive vein pattern, usually dark in colour, some with patterns or spots. When at rest, their wings are flat in outspread position. Their head is occupied by their large eyes, more or less in hemispherical shape. Their legs are slender and without bristles. Their claws are small. Bee Flies favour warm, and sunny localities. Most have a strong, hovering flight and are usually found hovering on blossom or patches of bare soil.